Newham Design Review Panel

Patel Taylor’s designs for Berkeley Home’s proposed redevelopment of the former Parcel Force depot in East Ham, Newham – now with planning approval

The London Borough of Newham has for several years run a highly successful Design Review Panel that is funded and organised by the borough’s planning department.

As one of the capital’s most dynamic boroughs, in terms of growth, especially in the wake of the 2012 Olympic Games and continuing growth in east London, there have been many very large schemes proposed in the borough, in addition to a wave of smaller but significant local schemes.

“What is most rewarding about this role is when all parties involved – the planners, the councillors, the developer, the designers – all feel that a scheme has been significantly improved and made more sustainable in all senses by the constructive and intelligent critique available at the DRP,” says Lee. “We can’t always win, but mostly we get some improvements.”

“Members of the panel don’t always agree on what they think most needs addressing in earlier iterations of schemes, but it is vital that these discussions are held in front of applicants’ teams, so that when they receive the planners’ written advice, they know how that discussion has been handled – and hopefully see that the advice offered has been thoughtfully prepared and carefully considered, and is a fair representation of the issues.”

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