New Industrial Strategy

Plans are being worked up to bury the Hammersmith Flyover and build over linking the town centre back to the river. This will transform the centre of Hammersmith and release major new development opportunities

The industrial strategy envisages turning the borough into ‘West Tech’, a ‘global beacon for innovation and growth’ and hinges on a partnership between the council and Imperial College London which is investing at White City. Creating new affordable, flexible workspace is a key goal.

“The engine of our plan,” writes council leader Stephen Cowan, “is collaboration across the public research and private sectors, working with inspiring people and organisations in our borough – including a growth partnership with Imperial College London – to unleash skills, talents and aspirations of our residents and businesses.”

As a former resident and worker in the borough, where I completed my training as a surveyor, I’d also like to see King Street improved, Hammersmith flyover buried in a tunnel (for which there are plans) and an enlarged new town centre re-connected to the riverside.

New Industrial Strategy

An industrial strategy for Hammersmith & Fulham, edited by Lee Mallett

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