Home Group - a London Strategy

Two reports were produced for Home Group – one summarising the proposed London Strategy for the Home Group Board, with recommendations, and a second summary report for the market and London stakeholders

Home Group is one of the UK’s oldest and largest housing associations and was founded in the mid 1930s, when housing and other conditions in the north east were severe.

Home’s concentrated activities in the north of England meant it was missing out on growth in the south east by comparison with some of its southern peer associations.

It needed a strategy for its activities in London to redress this so it could maintain its growth and influence to reflect its ambitions.

A team of researchers was commissioned by Urbik to help round-up evidence of what was happening in the London market and we worked with senior Home executives to agree strategy and tactics summarised in a special report/brochure for Home Group board’s approval.

This was summarised in a shorter brochure for the market and stakeholders so they could understand Home’s new London Strategy, and therefore respond better to Home’s ambitions.

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